The Route of the Lamb

Taste the delicious roasted lamb meat and live the culture and environment that Imbabura province offer to their visitants.

Between the towns of La Esperanza and Angochagua, a few minutes away from the city of Ibarra, we find the Lamb Route which has been established as the most desired place by locals and foreigners.
The entire road is characterized by its beauty, the landscapes that surround the route are unique and certainly draw their attention for their multi-colored fields. Tourists can visit this sector in their own transport, public bus or by bicycle. The road from Ibarra to San Pablo de Lago – Otavalo is asphalted, and well signposted.

This route is characterized by its exquisite cuisine, but the most attractive dish is the Roasted Lamb. This delicious dish is prepared with fine herbs, roasted on charcoal, served with grains and agricultural products such as potatoes, mote, beans and corn. Another delicious dish that you can find is the delicious trout from the river of La Rinconada area.

Other beautiful attraction on this route is the town of Zuleta, which is a small town that preserves the tradition of hand embroidery. This activity is a millenary heritage, with fine threads and beautiful designs that delight visitors. Women´s hands of La Rincondada and Zuleta communities elaborate the best handmade products of the country. The products are made based with a number of materials, such as rafts, spoons, plates and various instruments with which you can work the soil as: plows, harrows, among others. On the other hand, there is beekeeping and fish farming. The communities take advantage of all the kindness that the PACHA MAMA offers to their settlers. Without any doubt pottery is the highest expressions that the people of these communities give life to the vessels, dishes and ceramic objects of the best quality.

So, lets visit this beautiful Route in the north of the Ecuadorian Highlands, fun is guarantee!!!

By: Mayra Serrano