The Pearl Of The Pacific

A jewel on the Pacific coast rises is the city of Guayaquil known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” because of the beauty of its city and its people. It is the most populous and large city of Ecuador, winner of the Travel Awards in 2017 as a business city, due to the large hotel offer and the different convention centers it offers to be able to carry out the event that you require.

But Guayaquil is not only business, it is nature, history; heritage, gastronomy and much more that make it a great attraction. If we talk about nature, we can visit El Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, the Mangrove Wildlife Reserve El Salado or inside the city’s famous Iguanas Park. As for history and Heritage, Cerro Santa Ana and Las Peñas captivate us with its colonial houses and for being one of the oldest neighborhoods of Guayaquil. 

However there are tourist attractions such as the Pirate Morgan Boat Ride, nautical walks along the Rio Guayas, and the Pearl which is a giant wheel that allows you to appreciate Guayaquil in a scenic way, an impossible place not to visit is the Historical Park, located outside the urban perimeter. The place has a mangrove forest that can be traversed by visitors through a wooden path. In the mangrove there are 28 species of animals in captivity, among them the white-tailed deer, the raccoon, the peccaries. There are also tigers, lazy bears, monkeys and crocodiles. This adding to the parakeets, harpy eagle and parrots. The site also has a replica of old Guayaquil, some of the buildings are original and were transported to the park. Currently the Guayaquil Maritime Port receives 90% of the imports that arrive in the country and is responsible for 50% of the nation’s exports, which makes it the driving force behind the development of the national economy and therefore the reason for which it was considered as a business city.

Guayaquil invites you to know it and enjoy its landscape; it’s also modern city and its people who will receive it in the most cheerful way.

By: Vanessa Carrera