“Province of lakes”

Imbabura “Province of lakes”

Imbabura is located in the northern highlands of Ecuador. This province is also known for its population contrasts; they are marked by different demographic factors, and also has always been known for the great variety of crafts and their culture. Imbabura has many other points of interest, such as the Imbabura and Cotacachi volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs and its beautiful lagoons. Imbabura province has a great amount of lakes and lagoons that adorn the andean, wild and wooded landscapes.

We will like to introduce the most representative lakes of this beautiful province:

Yahuarcocha lagoon was formed with the presence of several feeding channels such as the conduit that brings water from the Tahuando river and the springs of some streams; whose flow depends on the weather station. You can develop various activities on this nice lagoon such as canoe trips, sky water, jet skis, paragliding and other sports. It is also the scene of the most important equestrian competition in the country, “Fox Hunting”, which takes place during the festivities of Ibarra Foundation.

San Pablo lagoon is located in the lower area of the Imbabura volcano. You can get to natural viewpoints such as Mira Lago and El Lechero, from where you have a panoramic view of the communities and its surroundings. The population of this area is dedicated to agriculture, handicrafts and community tourism. Among its attractions are water sports, boat rides, horseback riding, totora crafts and its exquisite cuisine.

Cuicocha Lake is the caldera of Cotacachi volcano, and it is the product of one of its eruptions. In the interior of the lake, there are two islets, which are formed of lava and abundant vegetation. Its waters are blue crystalline where you can observe the activity of the majestic volcano that remains inactive. During the Inti Raymi celebrations, this place is the ideal setting to observe rituals and purification baths. Tourists can take boat trips, diving, kakay and trekking along the path that surrounds the lagoon.

Piñan Lagoon is a lakeside complex of glacial origin that is composed of permanent lagoons of different sizes, surrounded by chuquiragua and paramo straw. On the winter season, it is possible to count 35 small lagoons. This place is surrounded by forests with abundant endemic vegetation. In the interior of the lagoon, it is possible to practice different activities such as trout fishing, trekking and camping.

Puruhanta lagoon is surrounded by mountains, hills and Andean forests with abundant vegetation. There, you can find the Inca Trail, where you can see several Inca remains that are undoubtedly the particularity of the place. The climate is cold, typical of the eastern mountain range. In spite of the wide straw that are in the lagoon borders, it is possible to realize fishing and camping.

By: Mayra Serrano