Ecuadorian Delicacies

Ecuadorian Delicacies  That You Must Try

Quito Historical Downtown is one of the most common places where you can find traditional and delightful sweets, from all the regions of the country.

This tradition has been recognized for more than 100 years and evoked the flavors that bewitched pedestrian childhood by spreading different aromas, flavors, colors and history, all around the narrow streets; the sugar, honey, vanilla and sweet species aroma, welcome the walkers on the Rocafuerte Street in Quito Historic Center. (Rosquitas, roscones, bizcochuelos, pristiños, mistelas, espumilla, quesadillas quitenas, suspiros, alfajores, mazapanes, and others are just a few of the delicacies that you should try.)

But you can find them all over the country at ferias, regular markets, main plazas on weekends, beach towns, bus stops, and at the exits of local schools.

Here, a short description of the most requested examples:

Cocadas/bocadillos/alfeñiques/ dulce de guayaba/etc or the sweet treats:
Candies are always welcome, here are some examples:
Cocadas, are caramelized coconut macaroon candy
Dulce de guayaba or guava candies
Bocadillos o sweet squares of panela melted with peanuts
Alfeñiques or melcochas, are sticky candies made with panela (dark sugar)

Empanadas: The most common ones are called empanadas de viento, fluffy fried cheese empanadas that are sprinkled with sugar. Others are the amazing empanadas de verde made with green plantain dough and also with fillings of cheese, shrimp, chicken, or meat, or empanadas de morocho, made with thin corn dough with cheese or rice and meat.

Espumilla: Meringue cream desserts served in ice cream cones. The most popular flavor is guava (called guayaba in Spanish).

Huevitos chilenos: The “Eggs from Chile” are typical sweets from Ecuador. You can easily describe them as “mini donut centers”. They are great and addictive!

  Mangos/grosellas/ovos or ciruelas con sal or sour fruits with salt: This is a common tradition for every Ecuadorian; these are very tasty fruits in combination with a bit of salt…. Mmmm….. Amouthwatering sensation!. Here you have mangos, grosellas (Otaheite gooseberry) Ovos (name in the Coast) or ciruelas/siriguela.

By: Doris Rodríguez