Country Of Orchids

Ecuador The Country Of Orchids

In Ecuador, a multiverse country could not miss finding the beautiful and elegant orchids, which are the most sought-after plants around the world because they are considered enigmatic of the way of life they lead, since they live on the trees to capture the light, heat and air, others grow rocks and others in the ground, so they adopt different shapes, colors and aroma, which makes them enigmatic.

With the support of the international scientific community in November 2017, Ecuador was declared the “Country of Orchids” during an international exhibition held in the city of Cuenca. In a study conducted about the Flora of Ecuador it was determined that 24% corresponds to the orchids, with 17058 vascular spices or flowering plants, and within this large number the beautiful orchids are pollinated, and we have the smallest orchid in the world with 2.1 millimeters, and of which 1714 are endemic.

It is said that the orchids are the key to keeping alive the planet and in Ecuador there is a wide range of routes for observing orchids, we have the Pahuma ecological reserve, the Bamboli Ecological Reserve, Botanical Garden and Orchids of the conservation center of the Amazonian Flora, Palphinia Orchid and at the end of the country we have the Podocarpus National Park.

If we are in Quito, we cannot stop visiting the Botanical Garden of Quito, in Carolina Park,. Where is an exhibition of these exotic plants, So Ecuador Invite you to visit and travel to these interesting routes.

By: Vanessa Carrera