Country Of Orchids

Ecuador The Country Of Orchids In Ecuador, a multiverse country could not miss finding the beautiful and elegant orchids, which are the most sought-after plants around the world because they are considered enigmatic of the way of life they lead, since they live on the trees to capture the light, heat and air, others grow...
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New connectivity

New connectivity options between Europe and Ecuador During the last year, there has been an interesting increase of international passengers who want to travel to Ecuador as one of the best activities in South America. Ecuador offers an incalculable number of tourist attractions, it is considered as the land of contrasts due to its biodiversity,...
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Intag Valley

Intag is a remote and mountainous region of the Ecuadorian Andes, in the province of Imbabura, north of Ecuador. The area is part of the two most important biological zones in the world: the tropical Andes and Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena. Approximately 17.000 people live in the different communities of Intag that are scattered among cloud forests and...
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The Route of the Lamb

Taste the delicious roasted lamb meat and live the culture and environment that Imbabura province offer to their visitants. Between the towns of La Esperanza and Angochagua, a few minutes away from the city of Ibarra, we find the Lamb Route which has been established as the most desired place by locals and foreigners. The...
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“Province of lakes”

Imbabura “Province of lakes” Imbabura is located in the northern highlands of Ecuador. This province is also known for its population contrasts; they are marked by different demographic factors, and also has always been known for the great variety of crafts and their culture. Imbabura has many other points of interest, such as the Imbabura...
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Cuenca Artisan City

Cuenca, known as “Santa Ana of the four rivers of Cuenca”, is located in the Austro area of ​​Ecuador in the Province of Azuay. It was declared by Unesco in 1999 as a World Heritage Site. Also known as Athens of Ecuador for its architecture, culture, art, letters and birthplace of many illustrious Ecuadorians. Cuenca...
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Ecuadorian Delicacies

Ecuadorian Delicacies  That You Must Try Quito Historical Downtown is one of the most common places where you can find traditional and delightful sweets, from all the regions of the country. This tradition has been recognized for more than 100 years and evoked the flavors that bewitched pedestrian childhood by spreading different aromas, flavors, colors...
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The Pearl Of The Pacific

A jewel on the Pacific coast rises is the city of Guayaquil known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” because of the beauty of its city and its people. It is the most populous and large city of Ecuador, winner of the Travel Awards in 2017 as a business city, due to the large hotel...
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Pachamanca means “Ground Pot”. It is a typical dish from the Andes of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The food is cooked to the heat of preheated stones that are finally covered with soil. Beyond a meal is a community rite where the pachamama is shared and thanked for the food that it provides to...
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Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador And Galapagos Islands – Creter Tours Promotional Fair Creter Tour participated on the Latin Travel Mart in Guayaquil on September 14-15th . During the Trade we presented our new programs and itineraries; among others, we count on our new products “Rutas, Alma y Sabor”, the Hacienda La Candelaria, our Island Hopping at the Galapagos...
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