FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Ecuador is located?
Ecuador is located in the northwest of South America between Peru, Colombia and the Pacific Ocean, above the equator line.

2. What are the three main cities?
Ecuador has three main cities, these are: Quito the capital, Guayaquil and Cuenca.

3. What type of climate visitor can find in Ecuador?
Ecuador does not have a definite climate because of the Andes chain mountaininfluence, the sea and the tropical location it causes that you to experience the four seasons in one day. Generally in Ecuador you will find wet season from May through December and dry season from January to April.

4. What is the official language?
Ecuador’s official language is Spanish despite of you could hear in some cities or parishes the Kichwa from highland region or from the amazon region.

5. What is the local currency?
The local currency is the American dollars but most of the tourist establishment

6. Ecuador is a safe country?
In the last years the tourist safety has increase around the country. The ministry of tourism, the National police, specialized guides and the experts in security systems has developed the “Safety Instructions for Tourist” a document that emphasizes general tips for tourists and their activities.

7. Does Ecuador have international airports?
Ecuador has two international airports, one in Quito known as Mariscal Antonio Jose de Sucre and one in Guayaquil called Jose Joaquin de Olmedo. Additional you should know that there are national airports in Cuenca, Latacunga, El Coca and Manta.

8. What are the documents that I need to visit Ecuador?
Generally Ecuador does not asked visa to enter, the most important document is your passport. the countries that must have visa to entre to our country are: China, Afganistán, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Etiopia, Kenia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia. If you want more details you can consult the next page: http://www.ministeriointerior.gob.ec/requisitos-para-ingresar-a-ecuador/

9. What is the best season to visit Ecuador?
Ecuador you can be visited all year because of the special climate that we have.

10. What should I wear if I visit Ecuador?
What to wear in Ecuador depending of what you visit. If you visit the Galapagos Islands, the coast or the amazon region you must wear some light clothes like shorts, skirts, t-shirts, etc.; if you are going to visit the highland region you should wear warm cloths it depends what you visit.

11. It is necessary to apply the vaccine against yellow fever to visit Ecuador?
The vaccine against yellow fever is recommended by the Ministry of Public Health only if you visit the amazon region in order to avoid inconveniences during your trip.

12. In case of emergency, what should I do?
If you have a light emergency during your trip you must call the emergency number of CRETER Tours and one person will assist you. But if you have a serious emergency you must call the 9-1-1 and the Integrated Security Service will help you.

13. Where I can find tourist information in the main cities of Ecuador?
If you visit the main cities of Ecuador, you must search the tourist information centers that are located in the main squares of the cities, also in some churches or museums.

14. If I visit Ecuador how can I move between cities and tourist attractions?
To visit Ecuador and its touristic attractions people can travel by car, plane, boats, buses, train and bicycle this might be private or public.

15. The tourist attractions are far from each other?
An advantage from our country is the closeness of our cities, a big advantage that permit tourist to be in the morning in the coast region, in the afternoon in the high land region and in the evening in the amazon region.

16. Does Ecuador have all the conditions to receive visitors from all over the world?
In the last few years Ecuador have transformed all the tourist-hotel industry, now people can find hotels and restaurants from all the categories, touristic places that can offer wonderful experiences to the most demanding tourist. As a guarantee you must know that Ecuador and some of the establishments has awards that can show the quality of its services.

17. Why Ecuador is one of the mega diverse countries in the world?
Ecuador is considered one of the mega diverse countries in the world because of the “9.2 species per Km2” that are in the four regions. Also Ecuador has the most beautiful islands in the world, The Galapagos that are considered a living laboratory, and finally our people that are divided in 14 nations and 18 ethnic groups that can show to the world all the diversity that they could find in Ecuador.