After a day of beach or visit to the Pearl of the Pacific, Guayaquil, it is unforgivable not to visit Puerto el Morro, a small parish that is located two hours to 11 km from the city of Guayaquil, this picturesque place is inhabited by fishermen, shell collectors, mussels, crabs and people working in shrimp […]

Rafting is a sport that consists in letting the strong currents moves the craft or pneumatic raft. It is led by a guide that sits at the back of the craft while the other crewmembers sit at the sides and help leading the raft. Ecuador was the host of the fifth Rafting World Championship 2005 […]

Do you know that Spectabled bears´ face, neck and chest markings are like human fingersprints, unique to each bear? Spectacled bears wear shaggy fur that is black, brown, or sometimes reddish. They are named for the whitish to yellowish rings that encircle their eyes, resembling large eyeglasses. These lines do not always fully encircle the […]

This weekend we traveled to the Chimborazo province to discover a very exotic dish, known as “Fritada de Llama”. The special fact about this dish is that it is served by indigenous women in a very small community called Palacio Real which is located near Riobamba City. This community which is integrated by 80 families […]

Pedro Moncayo is 50 kilometers from the city of Quito, just one hour driving, with an area of 339 square kilometers. This area is home of indigenous roots, rich in traditions, legends, great natural, cultural and religious value. So, we invite you to discover more about this marvelous area. Mojanda Lagoons One of the most […]

In the north of the Ecuadorian Highlands, there is an area named Pedro Moncayo which covers some small and picturesque towns. This area is known for its great flower production and its deep Andean customs. Every June, these towns celebrates the festivities of San Pedro and San Pablo that is an equivalence of Intiraymi. This […]

Ecuador’s geography allows this sport to be developed in any weather, with is drastic vegetation changes and several technical levels. On the following paragraph, you can find details of the most exciting routes. Cayambe: It begins at Cayambe’s round about Park. Ride by the square, towards the bifurcation located in Santa Isabel area and then […]

Wellness programs are becoming very popular in Ecuador and, are easier to manage than ever before. We are offering different options to enjoy the most pleasant vacations for your family, work team, friends or groups. Come to Ecuador and experience the magic of the culture, the warmth of the people, the stunning places, ample culture […]

The Inti Raymi Festivity is considered as the most important religious celebration of our ancient communities, it is the festivity where a human being finds his identification with his god and an adequate occasion to renew his gratitude for the main gift received, the corn, which is the basic food for his existence, a true […]

Galapagos is formed by 13 Main Islands, 5 Medium-size Islands and 215 islets. Seven different marine currents bathe the Galapagos islands, this is second biggest marine reserve in the world which allow you to see big whales crossing the west site of the islands and while you are swimming with small penguins. Galapagos is a […]