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+ (593 2)2222187 . + (593 9) 92598655 info@creter.com.ec

Creter Tours

About Us

We are the best tour operator in Ecuador

Creter Tours is an Ecuadorian growing incoming tour operator with over 25 years of experience whose main focus is to offer different destinations and travel solutions for groups and individuals who wish to discover the 4 worlds within Ecuador. Besides from being tour operators inside mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands we are also owners of a variety of products that can be of interest during your travels. Our trajectory and experience has made us one of the leading tour operators in Ecuador.

Besides from this, we present our catamaran for Galapagos Islands the, “Treasure of Galapagos”. The Catamaran is for selected groups of maximum 16 passengers who wish to enjoy Galapagos Islands. We are members of recognized international tourism associations such as IATA (International Association of Air Transport), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agencies), USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association), ARGE (International Association of Travel Agencies for South American in Germany), ATALA (Australian Travel Association for Latin America). Currently we are in the process of verification of the Rainforest Alliance Certificate.

With the magnificent opportunity that Ecuador offers as one of the most mega diverse countries in the world, the main goal of Creter Tours is to protect the environment, maintain cultural heritage, reduce the poverty and increase income production by the use of long-term practices in all our activities, to provide to each of our passengers with the best tourism experiences for their life time.

We have also established the tailor made system which allow us to meet any specific passengers request at very reasonable prices.

Our German-Ecuadorian management guarantees complete satisfaction for all your needs during your visit to Ecuador, you will be assured that Creter Tours 25 years of experience backs up the operation of the First Class Catamaran Treasure of Galapagos.

Our Experience

Our 25 years of expertise, ensure personalized attention in the design, development, programming and operation of tailor made itineraries.

Our Own Transportation

We count on our own means of transportation and experienced multilingual guidance, to provide extensive information of our beautiful country.

Land-Based Tours

Our specialized Land-Based Tours are one of the best and most affordable ways to experience Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

The Best Green Practices

We ensure special care in the environment of our country with the use of the best Green practices.

Best Destinations

The best of the local culture and places, including sustainable destinations and authentic local services, are part of our philosophy.

Sustainable Tourism and Creter Tours

Creter Tours is part of one of the most important organization of conservation of the biodiversity, “Rain Forest Alliance”, organization that guarantee to our clients the quality, the responsibility and the sustainability of our vacation programs.

Amazing Destinations

Our special tours

Galapagos Cruises

We offer you diverse options of cruises, depending on your budget and the time of days you want to spend in this paradise.

Ecuador Unique

Ecuador 4 Worlds. Get to know the best of Ecuador in some amazing and unique experiences, this tours are perfect for you.

South America

We think of all you trip, if you want to go to other countries, we have the perfect tours around South America