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+ (593 2)2222187 . + (593 9) 92598655 info@creter.com.ec

Creter Tours

About Us

Creter Tours

Creter Tours is a growing tour operator working for 25 years on the market and focusing mainly on incoming tourism operating both in the Galapagos Islands and throughout the Ecuadorian mainland.  Our trajectory has given us the experience and the know-how to become one of the leading tour operators in Ecuador.

Our main objective is to offer different travel solutions for FIT`s and groups based on their special requirements.  We work with the best providers,  hotels, lodges, restaurants, that will guarantee your satisfaction and a fulfillment of your expectations through our journeys to all our tour destinations.

Our company has also had experience with incentives, events, and special projects.  We have provided services for international companies and exclusive organizations such as BMW, Cartier, Parex, Rotary International, National Geographic as the official visit of German chancellor to our country.  Our incentives have also included services for pharmaceutical companies and physically disabled people.  In addition to this we also provide special ecotourism packages, agricultural tourism and thematic tours.

We are members of recognized international tourism associations such as IATA (International Association of Air Transport), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agencies), USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association), ARGE (International Association of Travel Agencies for South American in Germany), and LATC (Latin American Travel Concept). And a certified green operator from Rainforest Alliance.

We also count with two yachts for island hopping program in Galapagos  and we also represent two Catamarans: Treasure of Galapagos and Millenium , a hotel in Guayaquil designed with the European guest house concept.  In addition to this we also offer our fleet of vans and busses for your private transportation, and our wide variety of tour guides who can show you around in different languages.

Creter Tours presents our new product “Rutas, Alma y Sabor”

It is an initiative of Creter Tours to rediscover original aromas and ancestral recipes from Ecuador, including culture, sightseeing, people, beautiful and charming locations. We invite you to travel the country and explore the history and traditions of some magical places at the first hand. New gastronomic routes have been developed, involving local people and including different destinations and magical villages that offer insights into the secrets of their ingredients and serve the traveler the typical meals. For sure, they cook with love and enthusiasm.

Although, our focus has been mainly on incoming tourism our company is not only limited to offer travel packages and tours inside our county, but we also offer trips to other countries of South America  (Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia) through our network LATC as well without disregarding our standards and policies:  www.LATC.travel

Our Experience

Our 25 years of expertise, ensure personalized attention in the design, development, programming and operation of tailor made itineraries.

Sustainable Tourism and Creter Tours

Creter Tours supports a number of community and environmental initiatives in our destination countries, giving back a portion of our profits from each trip to assist these organisations and their projects.

We prefer to partner with suppliers who don’t use plastic and refuse to work with organisations that are in any way detrimental to animal welfare.

Land-Based Tours

Our specialized Land-Based Tours are one of the best and most affordable ways to experience Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

The Best Green Practices

We ensure special care in the environment of our country with the use of the best Green practices.

Who we work with is very important to us. We source and partner with hotels, lodges and organisations who adhere to ethical practices, operate low-impact models and  use sustainable fuel sources

Our Own Transportation

We count on our own means of transportation and experienced multilingual guidance, to provide extensive information of our beautiful country.

Best Destinations

The best of the local culture and places, including sustainable destinations and authentic local services, are part of our philosophy.

Amazing Destinations

Our special tours

Galapagos Cruises

We offer you diverse options of cruises, depending on your budget and the time of days you want to spend in this paradise.

Ecuador Unique

Ecuador 4 Worlds. Get to know the best of Ecuador in some amazing and unique experiences, this tours are perfect for you.

South America

We think of all you trip, if you want to go to other countries, we have the perfect tours around South America