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About Ecuador

Ecuador is located in the north west of South America just in the equator line, this means that the country is between the two hemispheres north and south. Ecuador is divided in four regions the coast, highland, Amazon and the island or Galapagos.

Capital: the capital of Ecuador is Quito located at 2.800 meters above de sea level.

Population: Currently Ecuador’s population is 15’000.000, according to the INEC (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS AND CENSUS) for its acronym in Spanish.

Government: The current president is the economist Rafael Correa; our country is governed by the democracy.

Currency: the official currency is the USA dollar, but you could use your credit card or travel checks, these can be used in almost all the cities or touristic places. As a recommendation and to avoid problems at the moment that you buy something, you might have some cash with you.

Language: Spanish is the official language in Ecuador but the Kichwa is the native language spoken by the ethnic groups.

Time zone: The continental Ecuador is located in the -5 Greenwich Mean Time and the Galapagos Islands are located in the -6 Greenwich Mean Time it means that the land territory has minus one from the islands.

Weather: Several types of weather can be found in Ecuador, from the tropical climate in the pacific coast and in the Amazon to the cold wind in the highlands. In fact people might be prepared every day to changing weather. But Ecuador’s climate is defined by the rainy season and the dry season, the wet season starts in May and ends on December, and the dry season starts from January to April.

Emergency number: 9-1-1 for important nationally emergencies

Creter Tours emergency number +593 9 92598655

Food and beverages: If you visit Ecuador for the first time you should know that in the early days of your travel, eat heavy food is not advisable, you can eat food gently in order to accustom your stomach. In case of the beverages as advice drink bottle water instead of faucet water.

Electricity:In the mainland, the electro domestics function with 110 volts. In the Galapagos Islands you can use electro domestics with 110 or 220 volts.

Airlines and luggage weight allowed: The airlines that arrive to Ecuador are:




To know with exactitude the allowed weight for your luggage, you need to ask to the airline, where you bought the ticket for your travel, because every airline has different weights.

Taxes: Some important taxes that should be paid in cash per person are: TCT(Transit control card) to enter to Galapagos Islands 20, 00 USD and Galapagos National Park entrance 100 USD

Transportation: To mobilize inside of Ecuador, visitors have different options: Taxi that you have to require the taximeter, public transportation in the cities that cost 25 cents minimum, Public transportation to other provinces that depends of the company and the distances, rented cars that in the main cities there are the following car rentals:


avis rent a car logo
budget rent a car logo
hertz rent a car logo
localiza rent a car logo
simon rent a car logo
thrifty rent a car logo


Security: Every big city have problems with the security so you should be alert during your trip and to avoid problems always have a copy of your passport with you and the original you can leave at the hotel in a safe deposit box. Another way to be secure is to always be with your group and if you need to something ask to the guide.